In putting together this portfolio, I address the somewhat unique situation that characterizes my faculty status at the College.  Although I am technically library faculty and direct a Center housed in the Library, I do not have a standard librarian background.  Nor am I a typical teaching faculty member either.  Although I began my career as a Biology faculty member, I soon moved into administration to serve the college where I was at, and spent a decade and a half in administrative positions before moving back to a faculty appointment several years ago here at Purchase.  As a result, I am also not an early career faculty member going up for tenure.

As a mid- to late-career faculty member, and as a director-level administrator, the balance of roles that are appropriate for my position is somewhat different than that for the more typical tenure applicant.  In my portfolio I highlight in particular a number of the major projects that I have been responsible for during my time at the college, as well as a focus on college and SUNY-wide service that is appropriate for a senior administrator.  My scholarly presentations at this stage in my career focus on those administrative and service activities, and the role that these presentations and publications may play in influencing broader SUNY developments, but I also present my early career research scholarship for completeness.  My position is not fundamentally a teaching position, although the share of my activities devoted to faculty development would fall under this umbrella and I have made a point to spend some time in the classroom.  

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